Get to know the founder of WCM

My name is Tim Wilson; I have been in the creative industry for 15 years. I started my career as a DTP operator at Caxton Local Papers Studio Johannesburg, and in 3 years, became the Design Studio Manager. While on the job, I worked on several projects including but not limited to newspapers/supplements, magazines, Best of Joburg and Get it JHB North. I wanted to gain more knowledge in the industry, and sought ways to better myself through relevant trainings. I thrive on my inherent ablilty of being a multi-skilled individual.


When The Citizen Newspaper – a Johannesburg Daily Newspaper I worked with at the time, soon underwent a large rebranding expansion with the Great Mario Garcia from Garcia Media, New York, and I was promoted to the position of Systems Consultant to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the old GN3 New Pongrass Publishing System. I worked for 18 months at The Citizen, and during that time, I was responsible for turning the Editorial Department into an Editorial Hub, managing the DTP Department, Upgrading the Servers and Server Room, and was also the Media Planner for the publications.


After I left The Citizen, I worked for Blackink South Africa as a Creative Director, where I brought and serviced all my own clients. The highlight, at Blackink was when I got an invitation to make inputs at the University of Forth Hare, in Eastern Cape during their Centenary Celebration and three-day Conference. I was involved with the Scientific Committee, as well as the Event and Planning Committee, even while running the branding for this event. I also carried out the needs assessment and the procurement of an AV company to ensure the “wow” factor in the event.


During my stay at Blackink, I soon found a new fascination and challenge with Eagle computer Training and Siyaphambili Training Solutions, and in no time, took them to a new digital frontier and rebranding stage – quite another notable achievement.



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